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Tim Renner


 Whether presented comedically in popular culture or explored as a serious scientific curiosity, giant, hairy, manlike creatures have become well known entities in these modern times. These bipedal monsters have been called by many names - most commonly “Bigfoot” and “Sasquatch” - but these terms have only been in our popular vocabulary since the 1950s. Long before that time people were seeing and documenting the creatures. Many old newspaper accounts tell of encounters with “wild men”, “gorillas”, “ape-men”, and “hairy giants”, issuing unearthly howls and leaving mysterious footprints in their wake. No matter the names given to the creatures, from the descriptions of their appearance and behavior, consistent from the earliest newspaper articles to modern reports, people have been seeing Bigfoot for as long as we have been keeping records.

This volume collects newspaper articles from California, Oregon, and Washington dating from the 1850s through the 1920s. Herein are tales of huge gorillas roaming wild in the California hills, hairy giants haunting Oregon, and wild men attacking women in Washington. Read about a gorilla-like creature killed by hunters who described its appearance in great detail; a wild man who visited the campus of a major university on several occasions; and a strange dreamlike tale of a young man abducted by a hairy biped and taken to its underground lair. 

Rick Fisher


 Rick Fisher has had a life long interest in the unexplained after seeing what he believes was a ghost at the age of seven. Since then Rick has searched for answers in the ghost, Bigfoot, and UFO phenomenas. He was the founder of the Pennsylvania Ghost Hunters Society which later became the Paranormal Society of PA and former member of the Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society. Rick has appeared on the Travel Channels Ghostly Gettyburg and Supernatural Destinations, local TV and radio. He has been written about in newspapers, magazines, and mentioned in many books about ghosts. He has written two books Ghosts of the River Towns and Ouija Gone Wild co authored with Rosemary Ellen Guiley. He is currently working on Ghosts of the River Towns ll. Rick taught a non credit course in Paranormal Investigating at Harrisburg Area Commuinty College (Lancaster branch) and taught many through his Ghost Hunter workshops. In 2004 Rick received the Special Achievement award at the 1st National Paranormal Awards in Baltimore, Maryland for his contribution to paranormal research. Other awards include an award from members of his Pennsylvania Ghost Hunters Society for his dedication to the society. The Spirit Award from the Spirit Society of Pennsylvania who he has a close relationship with and the Pioneer Spirit Award from the former International Ghost Hunters Society. For many years Rick collected hundreds of artifacts and pop culture items related to the paranormal and opened the National Museum of Mysteries and Research center in Columbia, PA now in storage till a suitable location can be found. He loves animals, nature and is a shamanic practitioner having attended classes through Michael Harner's Foundation for Shamanic Studies. Rick has committed his life on fighting crime starting a new block watch program in Columbia, Pennsylvania. 

Eric H. Altman


Eric Altman is a Cryptozoologist, specializing in researching the Bigfoot/Sasquatch with a combined 39 years of study and research of the phenomenon. He is a well-respected field researcher, Director of the Pennsylvania Cryptozoology Society, and host and producer of the alternative talk show podcast, Beyond the Edge Radio. Eric's considers himself a paranormal enthusiast whose interest in all things paranormal.
Eric has been actively investigating cases and sighting claims dating back to 1997. He has investigated and or assisted in over 250 cases of Bigfoot sightings, encounters and claims in Pennsylvania. Eric was an organizer of the East Coast Bigfoot Conference from 2000 to 2011. Beginning in 2016 he organized and hosted the Pennsylvania Bigfoot Camping Adventure, a charity fund raising event which has successfully concluded its third year. Eric is a much sought after public speaker and has lectured all over the country dating back to 2000. Eric has been featured in multiple documentaries, television programs, and films on Bigfoot. He has also contributed to. been interviewed and appearedin various radio interviews and print media. To learn more about Eric, visit his websites
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— with Eric H Altman

Lancasteronline Albatwitch Video

Check out this great video

The Legend of the Albatwitch


Local legends in the area of Columbia, Pennsylvania speak of a creature called an “albatwitch.” The albatwitch is a small (about 4 feet tall), manlike creature which supposedly lived in wooded areas. Their main area of residence seemed to be near Chickies Rock, a heavily wooded area along the banks of the Susquehanna River about a mile or two north of town. Albatwitches were also reported from wooded areas all along the river’s shore.

The creatures are named for a habit which they possess. Their bizarre common name is short for “apple-snitch”, as they are reputed to have a taste for apples. Legends speak of how the albatwitches would oftentimes steal apples from picnickers, occasionally even throwing them at the startled people. Legends also record that the creatures often sat in trees, coming down only to find food.

Legend also says that the albatwitches either became extinct or were driven nearly into extinction in the later years of the nineteenth century. Chickies Rock, where the creatures supposedly lived, does have a tradition of strange sights and sounds – in the 1950s and 1970s, a manlike figure was seen several times, and local legends also speak of sounds like the crack of a whip heard in the woods at night. One can only wonder if these could be connected with the albatwitch.

Whether these stories are connected or not, several sightings of Bigfoot-types have been recorded from this area. A vague report concerning the sighting of a hairy humanoid came from Lancaster in 1973. Lancaster is a scant 10 miles east of Columbia. Another came from the town of North Annville (about 20 miles to the north) in the same year. In addition, a number of reports have surfaced out of neighboring York County.

Also, some sources say that the Susquehannocks, like many Indian tribes, had a belief in an apelike monster, and sometimes depicted it on their war-shields. The Susquehannocks were a local tribe – coincidentally, major evidences of their civilization (ruins of a village and burial grounds) were found at the base of Chickies Rock. 

Source: Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization 2000

Albatwitch Day Guided Trolley Tours

Take a story packed trolley ride on a beautiful scenic road to the top of Chiques Mountain. We will then stop to feed the Albatwitch a few apples before the hard Winter months to come before hibernation.

Also on the trolley ride you will learn of other historic stories of the rich history of Columbia, Pennsylvania.


Adults: $5.00 per person

Children: $2.50 per child

Tour duration: 30-40

Apple Pie Contest

Vote for the best apple pie this side of Lancaster County. You will be the judge by sampling and voting on these scrumptious pies to award the bakers.

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